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Ricorumi DK Burgundy

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Amigurumi-creatures are THE big crochet trend! The new product range “Ricorumi” includes everything you need for crocheting the popular characters. The products are presented in a cool display, which includes next to the yarn novelty Ricorumi dk great accessories. Ricorumi dk was specially developed for crocheting cute Amigurumi creatures. The wide colour pallet of 60 shades offers numerous opportunities. Another advantage: the small, handy 25g balls do not only look super cute, but have also the ideal size for crocheting the popular figures. Ricorumi dk is presented in three publications: RUMIMAGIC, RUMIPUPPIES and RUMIFRIENDS offer easy instructions for modern Amigurumi creatures. RUMIMAGIC impresses with fantasy characters in magical pastel- and sorbet shades, RUMIPUPPIES includes cute baby animals like puppies, baby rabbits and kittens and RUMIFRIENDS shows small forest animals, such as hedgehogs and squirrels. In addition to the yarn and the publications, the display also includes lots of practical accessories – an all-round go to package for Amigurumi lovers. From small beady eyes and a Pompon maker set and matching crochet- and double point needles to a winding card and a stylish bag for crochet utensils, the display offers everything you need to create cute Amigurumis. Especially nice: all packagings of this range have a uniform design with iridescent Hot Foil finish, which underlines the relationship between the products.